Our Mission

Comprehensive Aviation Training is committed to providing our customers with the very best in professional flight and ground training.


Many industry leaders believe that there has been a steady decline in the quality of new pilots over the last few years due mainly to the switch from "stick and rudder skills," to an emphasis on technology. At many flight schools, EFIS and moving map GPS have replaced good old fashioned flying skills.

There is actually a whole new generation of Flight Instructors that been raised exclusively on the latest technology and have never even seen the inside of a "steam gauge" analog instrument aircraft. Unfortunately, technology is a poor substitute for airmanship and basic instrument flying skills.

That is where Comprehensive Aviation Training is different from the rest.

In our flight training program, we emphasize the fundamentals; hand flying skill, airmanship and decision making. Another advantage of training with CAT is that we only work with one pilot at a time. This ensures that you get the individualized attention that you deserve. Training with CAT is like having your own personal flight school. The instructor and aircraft are reserved for your exclusive use. No scheduling conflicts or outside competition for your instructor’s time and attention. We have the experience to see you through the checkride, with over 35 years and 25,000 hours of aviation training experience. At CAT we are committed to giving you the very best “old school training," with just the right mix of tradition and technology. We provide needed structure to flight training experience, without being too regimented to listen to your individual needs. At CAT you get the structure your flight training needs

On a dark stormy night, a fancy EFIS display and an expensive GPS, cannot replace training and pilot skill.