Professional Pilot Course - Zero Time to Commercial Pilot Certificate $36,000.00

Our Professional Pilot Course is taught by a former 25 year airline instructor/check airman

Private Pilot Course - 50 hours PA-28

Private Pilot Online Course

Instrument Rating Online Course

Commercial Pilot Online Course

Aircraft rental for 3 checkrides (Private, Instrument, and Commercial)

Examiner’s Fee for 3 checkrides (Private, Instrument and Commercial)

Miscellaneous Books and Supplies

Instrument Rating Course - 30 hours PA-28

Commercial Pilot Course

- 20 hours PA-28

- 10 hours Complex PA- 28R-180

Solo Time Building - 140 hours PA-28

Ground Training - 100 hours

Simulator Training - (BATD) - 50 hours

** Because individuals learn to fly at different rates all costs in our commercial pilot course is an approximation,

based on the typical student and the conclusion of training.

Training costs are assessed by the hour and you pay as you go. There are no upfront costs and we do not take money

on account.

Our basic hourly rates for dual instruction is $150.00 per hour for instruction in a PA-28-180. Complex training in

the PA-28R-180 is 225.00 per hour and our ground training rates are $35.00 per hour.

Aircraft rental for checkrides and time building in a PA-28 is $105.00 per hour.

Examiner’s fees are 500.00 per checkride and the written test fee is 100.00 per exam.

Housing, transportation and local expenses are not included in the estimate.