“Passion for teaching”

Bill’s passion for teaching and years of experience and expertise provide aspiring pilots, both private and professional with a plan to handle any situation or any emergency. His training programs are informative, enjoyable, memorable and are a valuable use of your training time and dollars.

— Robert Keller, Airline/MEI Student, CFI,CFII


“You must attend these classes!”

If you plan to fly Turbo-jets, you must attend these classes. Bill takes some of the most complicated airline systems and makes them easy to understand. I have had trouble with airline technical interviews in the past, since taking his systems seminar, I breeze through them.

— Alexx Branson, Airline Seminar Attendee, Purdue Grad, CFI


I learned a lot from Bill's Electrical Systems Airline Seminar.  It was organized and delivered in a practical way that is applicable to any professional pilot.  After completing the seminar, I was finally able to understand and apply many of the theories that I have previously covered at Purdue but did not completely understand.  He was able to describe the systems in a way that finally made things click.  These Airline Seminars are a must for any career track pilot.

— Jared Kuhns - Purdue flight student, FBO Dispatcher, & CFI


“Flexible and Available”

I was very satisfied doing the accelerated training program with Bill Church at Comprehensive Aviation Training. With his extensive knowledge and experience in aviation, Bill was able to train me in under a month. He was always flexible and available to me, making it extremely convenient. The accelerated course is an invigorating program and I enjoyed every second of it, especially saving a lot of money when you compare Comprehensive Aviation Training to most other flight schools. I had an unforgettable experience training with Bill, and would recommend him and his flight school, Comprehensive Aviation Training, to anyone.  He is a great guy.

— Spencer Losinski - Private

“Teacher, Coach, & Mentor”

I just passed the flight check and received my Private Pilots License a couple of week sago, thanks to Bill Church with Comprehensive Aviation Training. I started flying over 40 years ago, stopping and starting many times. In doing so I had the opportunity to fly with many CFI's. While all of them were knowledgeable on flying, it takes more than flying knowledge to be a good instructor. You have to be a teacher, a coach, and a mentor. Bill was all of them with me and without his help I doubt I would ever have gotten my license.

— Keith Pekrul - Private


“Simplified and easy to understand”

I have taken the B737NG, CRJ 700 and Phenom 100 courses , and I still learned a ton of stuff about large aircraft electrical systems I did not know. I wouldn't even think about applying for an airline job without completing one of the courses. Complex systems and procedures simplified and easy to understand and remember. When is the next Airline Seminar? 

— Kevin Fenstermaker, Current Purdue flight student and CFI